Hi! How are you?

Hi! How are you? acid-trip stories
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opl Trying my best to be articulate
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trip gone wrong

Hi! How are you?

Colors were flickering left and right. Blinded, I squint as hard as I can. Noticed, the trees were dancing that night, I stood and joined with my mouth open.

Unaware of what was going on, I looked around to seek for help. The sky revealed that it was dawn, But the embrace of the moon was what I felt.

Glass started to form on the sky. I rubbed my eyes in disbelief. Then I realized that I was high. I got scared so I sat down and weeped.

Can't remember when I took the pill, I closed my eyes so I can focus. Suddenly, my whole life played like a reel, Like I'm in some hocus pocus.

So I lied down and closed my eyes, Waiting for the drug to subdue. Not knowing that illusions will arise. Saw God, and he asked "How are you?"

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