Why I procrastinate with classwork.
Why I procrastinate with classwork. wattpad stories
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onyxvaha Shmeh
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Just the reasons I am never handing work in on time. That's all.

Why I procrastinate with classwork.

by onyxvaha

There are people. They are called FRIENDS.

We all have friends and we all know what it is like to have them around. Not much work gets done. Unless you actually try really hard to do the work. A very unlikely occurrence.

Music and artists.

I love music. I love the people that make the music. I like to look at photos of those people. I like to get my friend to edit those photos and laugh. I also like to watch music charts.


I am always on youtube watching 'Good Mythical Morning', 'K-Ville Entertainment', or 'TEDed'. Yes, I watch these channels but it is actually more interesting and fun than you may think.

I am not interested.

If I am not interested in what the classwork is, I won't be enthusiastic to do the work. Unless it has to do with an assessment or my report, I won't mind procrastinating.


I was introduced to Wattpad just over a year ago and I have been obsessed since then. I have made multiple amazing friends all over the world, ​read many wonderful stories and wrote a little.

So, I procrastinate​.

Although it is bad, I do it. I know many people that do and I am trying to get out of this bad habit but it is a very big process. For those that are in a similar situation, YOU CAN DO IT!

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