i haven't told her about you.

onlyfoolsim putting together the pieces i lost
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i haven't told her about you.

not like there's much to tell

by onlyfools

you're just a friend.

whose smile has me in knots. whose laugh is like a sweet melody whose honeydew eyes caught me from day one.

you're just a friend.

you have me all tongue-tied. you have me seeking for a tomorrow. you have the world pale in comparison.

you're just a friend but she doesn't know that.

i haven't told her of you

how can i?

when her and i are a jumbled "what if"?

what if her crystal of the ocean eyes

could be seen as often as your honeydew?

what if the greatest distance between her and i

was just across the street, like you, instead of the 1230 miles that keep us apart?

what if i could hold her just as much

as i've thought of holding you?

what if there wasn't a "what if"

it would just be her and i.

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onlyfoolsim putting together the pieces i lost
9 months ago
for you never knew how in love i was with you

onlyfoolsim putting together the pieces i lost
4 months ago
it's 2:34am, and you're not here.

awienCommunity member
2 years ago
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8 months agoReply
The world is full of What Ifs it would be so much nicer to change them to what was so at least we would have some beautiful memories nice poem

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
9 months agoReply
This was a pretty and tender piece. It's sensitive descriptions of the conundrum of distance and love and time was exquisite. Great pooem!!!!!!

erenahBronze Commathe consolation of verbosity
9 months agoReply
This was quite moving. Nice job!