i haven't told her about you.
i haven't told her about you. it's-always-going-to-be-her stories

onlyfools im putting together the pieces i lost
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i haven't told her about you.

not like there's much to tell

by onlyfools

you're just a friend.

whose smile has me in knots. whose laugh is like a sweet melody whose honeydew eyes caught me from day one.

you're just a friend.

you have me all tongue-tied. you have me seeking for a tomorrow. you have the world pale in comparison.

you're just a friend but she doesn't know that.

i haven't told her of you

how can i?

when her and i are a jumbled "what if"?

what if her crystal of the ocean eyes

could be seen as often as your honeydew?

what if the greatest distance between her and i

was just across the street, like you, instead of the 1230 miles that keep us apart?

what if i could hold her just as much

as i've thought of holding you?

what if there wasn't a "what if"

it would just be her and i.

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