Affiliate Marketing — The Best way to Escape Rat Race
Affiliate Marketing — The Best way to Escape Rat Race affiliate stories

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Affiliate marketing is a process where you as an affiliate promote other’s product and you earn a commission in return.


Affiliate Marketing — The Best way to Escape Rat Race

Learn Affiliate Marketing within 9 days by reading this blog. I will Explain Each and Every thing you need to know about affiliate marketing in the following blog

Nobody'r rich working on 9-5 Job. Right?

If you don't earn while you sleep, then you end up going to your 9-5 job until 60 years.

There are many ways to earn while you sleep.

One of the Best way to escape from this rat race is to LEARN AFFILIATE MARKETING.

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which you promote other's physical or Digital Products and you earn a commission in return

Many bloggers are making their Full-time earning through Blogging and Affiliate Marketing. But you need patience. It's not a "Get Rick in 30 Days" Scheme.

It may take up to 3-6 Months to get high in Google ranking and see better results.

Commitment and Perseverance is the Key. Ok Lets Start Learning...

Steps to Learn Affiliate Marketing:

Step 1 -> Choose the Best Affiliates you want to promote

Step 2 -> Register in their Affiliate program to learn Affiliate Marketing

Step 3 -> Get the Affiliate Links and Banners with your affiliate ID

Step 4 -> Paste the links and Banners in your Blogs and Social Media

Step 5 -> Promote them by writing reviews and Blogs about that Affiliate product

Step 6 -> When customer buys a product through your affiliate link, you will get a commission.

Hosting and Domain:

The Web host is the important thing required to create an Amazon Affiliate Website. You need web host to make your website available on the Internet.

Domain is the web address through which the visitors visit your blog.

"For Example, If you are the website, then the web host is your home where you stay and domain is the address of your home. Other People visit your home through this address "

While starting, just go for a shared host, because they are cheap. It costs around just $3 to $12 dollar per month.

The Best Cheap Hosting for Beginners are

A2 Hosting

Inmotion Hosting

Blue Host

WordPress Installation:

Image for post

Photo by Stephen Phillips - on Unsplash

Almost 35% of Websites you see on Internet are made using WordPress.

With their very famous 5-minute installation, setting up WordPress for the first time is simple

Best Plugins to learn Affiliate Marketing:

After Installing WordPress, you need to the best attractive Themes and Plugins for your Blog.

If your blog doesn't look catchy, there are a lot of chances that user will not read your content, even if you got the best content.

Some Best Themes are listed below. I use the Same themes and Plugins for all my Websites and Blogs.

1. AAWP (Amazon Affiliate Plugin)

2. Generatepress (Theme)

3. AWeber (Email Marketing)

4. Elementor (Page Builder)

5. Elegant Themes (Theme)

The Best Affiliate Sites:

Next you want to register in an Affiliate Site.

There are lots of affiliates sites available on Internet.

You have to select in what Niche you are going to write your blog and promote products based on them.

Some Best Affiliate Sites are

Amazon Affiliate

CJ Affiliate

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

The next thing you want to do is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

That means, you want to make your website appear in the First page of Google. Otherwise, no one will visit your website.

There is funny saying,

" If you want to Hide a Dead body, Hide it in the Second Page of Google"

Because almost 95% of people don't visit the Second page in Google.

So You have to write your Blog According to Search Engine Visibility and want to create a lot of backlinks.

It takes some time to appear in the First page of google.

I will explain it in Deep in Further Blogs.

Email Marketing Tools:

Email marketing is one of the greatest communication of all time.

Do you know that 85% of customers check their E-mail on a Day-to-Day basis?

It was the Safest. Because you have your Email list. So no one can block you like in social media. So you won't lose your customers

Some Best Email Marketing Tools are



Social Media Tools to learn Affiliate Marketing:

Ok. Now you have written lots of blogs and have the best content in the world.

But, if you don't have customers to read your blog. It's just a complete waste of time.

Writing the Best content is only 10%, the other 90% is promoting that content.

The best way to promote your product, it may be physical or digital product, is through social media.

Almost 97% of people in the world are present in at least one social media.

Some Best social Medias are






So create an account in every social media and promote your products there.

The Best Social Media plugin is Social Snap.

Download this Plugin and Integrate with your Amazon affiliate website to increase more leads and turn the leads into customers

In the Next Lesson, we will find what are the common blogging mistakes a newbie blogger will make and how to avoid them.

Hope it helps. See you guys in the Next chapter

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