It Feels Like Love
It Feels Like Love 
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onedayatatime Community member
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Written in a few minutes, fueled by emotions. Funny how pain can drive my creativity more than anything else. Now remembered feelings instead of relived feelings. The pain is gone, but I still like the words it inspired.

It Feels Like Love

Loss of an ideal, loss of what could have been

Loss of something real, loss of a lover and a best friend

When you only see the reasons why it won't work out that is what you get

Never finding perfect love, living in regret

Do you really think we could have been together under different circumstances

Or was it all a flash of fancied emotional inebriation

Someone makes you feel happy, special, good about yourself

That someone wants to keep on doing so but you put your feelings on the shelf

Love is fed by the feelings of the other

When love is dead it's the feelings that you smother

But I'd like to think that if it's real it maybe doesn't die

If love is real then the feelings heal and you don't have to look for how and why

It's in our hearts hidden from the pain

of over-analyzing loss and gain

Love isn't alive on a ledger sheet

Love is feeling, love is heat

When love lives mostly inside the head

The theory of the grand idea is dead

When love is felt inside the heart

It survives the time and miles apart

Love isn't convenient or always kind

I guess it's true that love is blind

We're just humans being

Feeling with the heart but guided by the mind.

The mind doesn't know what the heart can do

So just make the most of what you've got

With mind so cold and feelings hot

Find your balance so you can live

But don't let the pain of what could be

Take away your joy before you see

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