Well My Southside Serpents (My sides skitt)
Well My Southside Serpents
(My sides skitt) commaful stories

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What do you guys think?

Well My Southside Serpents (My sides skitt)

(please ignore my love and passion of the show "Riverdale")

You guys seem to love my poetry. For example "A dark heart" has 31 likes! Victoria: Wow Oh Victoria is here. Victoria: Talia, stop worrying about my apperance and keep rolling.

Okay...... So I keep thinking this account could be about poetry and story time. Raven: No, I didn't come up with storytime. Harper did which is weird.

Lucus: I can't believe im saying this but Harper has been acting........not Harper. Can we talk about this later guys? Raven: Fine, go ahead, dude.

What do you guys think? I mean, like, I always wanted my accounts to be based off stories- Raven: Wait- you can still do that. But Raven people don't like my stories.

Raven: Yes they dooo! People loved the sanders sides au you wrote on your other account. "You died cause you loved me. Oh yeahhh they did, but this is something different. Venus: Ima shut these two dweebs.

This is what Raven means. (this is the cover of my old story "you died cause you love me)

People liked this "Royals: The flower crown) (this is the cover)

Lastly "campfire" people liked (this is the cover)

*me and my sides fighting* Venus: Well I will do the outro, Venus: Peace, guys, gals and non-binary pals, PEACE OUT! (ik it's thomas's outro but ima use it)

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