To all the weirdo's.....
To all the weirdo's..... commaful stories

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Please listen!

To all the weirdo's.....

Someone on Commaful called me insane and asked did you take you meds? It all started when Victoria said something about love. She butted into my convo. The person im refering to you know who you are! Now I feel like im crazy! They also said "I swear these stupid kids on this site"

Having sides isn't crazy! I thank thomas sanders for that! Now, all I can think about is that im crazyy! Some people ask me on here, "do you have d.i.d." NO! I don't! Logic: I don't know...wh- Anxiety: To all the weirdo's with sides, including Talia.....

Here is what I have to say....

I'm not crazy, i know im not. You might think so, but that's great me if you think im a weirdo, cause hell i am. I LOVE BEING ONE! These are my emotions, you have them too. I just wanted to be nice.

Logic is a friend to have, she is my best friend. Anxiety is the sensitive one, but is soft and cool. Victoria is my hopes and dreams, she makes me a better person.

To the person... I don't t know why you dont understand!

YES, I'M A WERIDO, DEAL WITH IT! I KNOW, NOW THAT I'M NOT INSANE! That's also to the weirdo's out their, we are cool, but in our own way! Thank you for your time!

-Talia, Logic and Anxiety ,Storytellers of Commaful...

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