The Upside Down: Das auf den Kopf gestellt
      The Upside Down: 
Das auf den Kopf gestellt commaful stories

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Yes it's some biosexual stuff in here. Get over it!

The Upside Down: Das auf den Kopf gestellt

Chapter 2 "A field trip to the island of death" 1/2 {Kiwi's P.O.V}

I look outside of the window, avoiding eye contact with Val. The bus is filled with laughter and screams and I hate it! I clench my fists and my veins become black. My hair fades to the color blue. I'm trying to calm down.....

I jump at the feeling of a hand on my shoulder. I look up and see it's Val's, she sends me a warm smile, before taking her hand away.

I blush and look the other way. I have liked Val for a long time, but I doubt she likes me back. Gets a grip Kiwi! Your fine! I bus driver slams on the breaks , making us lean forward....I look outside to see why we stopped, crap! Why are we here?

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