The Murder on Draco Ave.
The Murder on Draco Ave. murder stories

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Chapter 3: Quinn anderson?

The Murder on Draco Ave.

Chapter 3: That Night

The little boy lied down on his bed with wide eyes looking at his ceiling. He always wondered to himself, Why can't I go outside?   Why did mommy and daddy say "No playing outside at nighttime"?

All of a sudden music plays. Ice cream truck music. Why would an Ice cream truck be outside at this time? Joy spreads on Quinns face as he hopped out of bed. He glares at his piggy bank before opening it. As he scatters through the pile of coins and dollor bills, he chooses a five dollar.

Grabbing his big royal blue coat (which his mom got him for christmas-) and leaving all of his money on his dresser.

He sneaks his way outside, successfully getting past his dog Rufus. The music still plays, making him follow the sound to locate the truck. When he gets to the window, it's dark. Mostly all you could here was heavy breathing and music. 

Hello?" Quinn asked, squinting his eyes toward the window.  Goosebumps rose over Quinn's Olive colored skin. The cold night air blew between him and the ice cream truck. Most people or children would first think 'stranger danger'! But not Quinn.

As Quinn stared at the ice cream truck which was pitch black. All of a sudden the door of the truck slides open, but still revealing darkness. A warm but nervous smile grows on Quinn's lips.

Quinn looked back to his home from a far, before stepping inside.....

Till that very night he never came out. To his family, close friends or neighborhood.

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