Rivals: The Black Daisy
Rivals: The Black Daisy   #godds stories
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Rivals: The Black Daisy

Chapter 6: The Color Green

Yvonne sits at the kitchen table of her wooden cabin, druming her fingers. Her green eyes stay put of a certain crack on the wooden floor. As fog flows slowly threw the cabin floor she closes her eyes. She was looking for the lost children. It wasn't working out well for her.

She the Goddess of Lost Children. Can take away a child's pain, and has the ability to calm children. She is the protector of all people with kind souls. Calm but intimidating if challenged. The dark gods are starting to take over, meaning the black daisy will fall onto the wrong hands.

If a single pedal falls off the flower, the people of the universe will start will start to darken, one by one.' The black daisy is safely placed in the core of the universe. She inhales felling the air fight in and out of her body. Opening her eyes her crystal ball glows green.

Green: DANGER!

Slowly walking to the ball, she glares down at it, before looking into it. She finds something bad. Very bad. Oh no, is she too late?

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