Rivals: The Black Daisy
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Sorry for it being short, credits will be in the comments!

Rivals: The Black Daisy

Chapter 2: The Blank Space of the Shadows, HELP WARNING! {Narrator}

Everything in the Hollow Kingdom has changed. Clouds goddess walk on has faded to black. Screams of the dark gods and the souls they have trapped fill the sky. 3 of 14 goddess has now faded and everyone is freaking out. All the happiness and joy of the kingdom of the gods has faded to black and sadness.

Children of the universe are calling for help and sobs are being listen to. If you look closley into the eyes of the children of the universe, you will see hurt and fear. Their whispers of help can make your spine shiver.

When will this madness end? I know, but you just have to find out..

Ria's P.O.V.

I hide behind a Dragon tree of Velvet. A place where all of the Dark gods live. Luckly, im the Shadow Goddess, they can't see me. I peek my head a little just to see the Queen Rina. I catch her sitting on her skull throne, talking to another god. Wait....i squint my eyes to get a better vision of the unknown god...

ORAL! Goddess of the stars! What is she doing here?!

"Finally my plan is working! 3 stolen and 14 more to go! All the children of the universe will suffer" She said, evil laughing. "But I have to stop those damn Gods!" she added.

Oh no...

I have to warn the other gods QUICK!

Sorry it was short, but I will get more gods in! -Talia, story teller of commaful..

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