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once_upona_time Bisexual girl in a QUEER world 💜💙💓
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Q & A (Answers)

#editing this post even though it was 5 months ago

@mizukiashni_16 What's your favorite color? Don't have one. What's your favorite T.V. show? Riverdale, Stranger things, Rick and morty and Cruel Summer. Oh! AHS

@elizabethserina what's your favorite movie?

-_- damn excuse me while i go.... JK maybe Cruella

@yukikyojo_19 What's your favorite food?

Pizza or hamburgers

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you like to go? If you become a millionaire overnight, how would you spend your fortune? Is writing a career goal that you may want to have someday?

1. Canada bc DUH to stalk Shawn fucking Mendes-

2. Give some away and would save the rest for a rainy day.

3. Well writing is a hobby, but I have thought about using it as a career, but I would want to be a lawyer or someone working with kids...because I love kids!

Sorry it was short...and boring...

Good wishes, ~ py

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