Princesses Don't Cry (Introduction/teaser)

Princesses Don't Cry (Introduction/teaser) commaful stories

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Princesses Don't Cry (Introduction/teaser)

Mya, a princess who is sent off to fight for her life (forced). She meets some new friends, but falls in love with one. Two teams are forced to fight and kill each other. Mya gains her magic powers and fights back to win the challenge. Will she win or will she lose?

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The Spy who Loved Me (Sanders Side Au) Analogical Logan is a undercover spy who has to find information. Most of the info is on Virgil. Logan falls in love with Virgil and breaks his cover (on accident). What will happen? Will Logan send virgil in?

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Lights Down Low: A house full of dreams. 9 year old, Kayla gets into a comma. After her parents split and was forced to go with her dad. While in her comma she's in a forest and sees a boy. As she grows up she keeps seeing him. Later, she gains magic. (the one i made was too long so this is a teaser i made)


The N Squad (Riverdale Au) Time has moved fast being stuck in this place. We know when it is day or night. Just not remembering the date. The worst thing is that you will fall to the ground bleeding. When you are disrespectful to your elders.

This is not just a story starting with 8 kids being held against their will. Being abused by a thirty year old man. This story is about 8 kids trying to survive the town of Riverdale. Thinking on how to put this evil town back together again.

I have more but I want you guys to comment which one I should do.

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