Princess Don't Cry

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Part 1

Princess Don't Cry

Chapter One "It's Hard being a princess"

(Mya) She huffed as she layed on her bed roughly, messing up all of the covers. It was a long day for Mya, cause she had to horse ride, greet the king and queen, go to dance class and go to school.

Mya's body was weak and tired, she couldn't move. Her eyes were slowly closing, but she tried to keep them open. Her last breathe and what she last saw was the ceiling of her pretty blue bedroom.

Her eyes were fully closed and she was relaxed. Her brown- sandy hair was everywhere. Until..... The door bursts open making a loud noise, that wakes Mya up from her 5 second nap.

"Mya! Come on get up the prince is going to be here in an hour. Get ready, cause you look, eww" said Mya's older sister Sarah. Mya groaned at the thought of the prince coming to see them.

"Do I have to, I mean-" Sarah cut Mya off, before she cause say something, "No, no , no get ready" Sarah skipped out the room, to her own room. Mya, help the rail on her bed to help her up.

She walked to her dresser tiredly, after she picked out the dress she was going to wear and headed straight to the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.

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