"I Won't Say I'm In Love"
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I know this isn't great, but hey, I tried.
Harper: Get me out of here!

"I Won't Say I'm In Love"

Chapter 2 "To attached to you"

The Worker narrowed her eyes at Harper, snarling and looking her up and down. "What are you laughing at emo?" Harper: Was that really smart to say? Do I look like an emo? No.

Bryan smirks and pulls Harper to his embrace. "She's laughing at you." Bryan, kisses Harper's cheek. (woah what was that?) Harper stays quiet, cause she has nothing to say. No, she isn't speechless.

Bryan was worried about her so he pulled her into a corner "What wrong?" Harper: "Nothing" (why do I ship Sharp and Hiryan?)

The worker, walks past the two, thinking she's the queen B, but in reality she's just a H**. Bryan, has an Idea, glances at the worker and smirks, "I have a deal for you" Harper, sighs, cause she thinks Bry ' is going to do something stupid.

Worker: "mhm, im listening". Bryan: *Is amused* "You stop flirting with me because I'm taken, and I will get you a boyfriend". The "worker" raises a brow at the fact that he says he's taken. "Taken? By who?"

Bryan: "Who do you think" *Pulls Harper closer to him* Harper: *mumbles* "What the hell?" (Harper's not slow but in this situation she is a little)

Bryan, comes close to Harper's ear and whispers, "Please play along. She is a bitch. My friend dated her and she cheated on him". Worker: *laughs* This weirdo? This time Harper, doesn't really care, she will admit she is a weirdo.

Worker: Prove it! *crosses er arms* Harper: *mumbles* sh** Bryan: *Smiles.* "Gladly" *Kisses Harper softly, not wanting to scare her*

Harper: *kisses back, playing the part* bryan: *forgets the act and kisses her deeper* (woah, woah, woah, dude BRYAN) Harper: *forget the act too, but doesn't kiss deeper*

(Harper's not a person you make out with) Bryan: *continues kissing until Comet whines and he pulls away, blushing* "Uh...There". Worker: Okay, so were can I get a boyfriend?

Harper: *mumbles* How about you change your attitude? That will help. Bryan: *chuckles* "Go to LondonPark. At five pm. Someone will be there waiting for you". (weirdddddddddddd)

Bryan: *sighs and runs a hand though his hair* Harp-

NEXT PARt Comment, like or both if you liked it. Harper: Wow, WHAT THE HE**WAS THAT?! Me: Shhh, Harp.

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