Highschool Sweethearts
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Highschool Sweethearts

Part 1 The New girl.

(Raven Parker)

Why do I have to go?" I ask. My foster mother "Kaisy" walked up into the room, and sat on the bed. " So you can meet new people, friends! Don't you want some?" she asked. "You get to be a teenager, you get to explore!"

I crossed my arms and huffed, at the fact that I have to be "free" and live out of my comfort zone. Of course meeting new people was and still is not my best suit. "I- no- what if they don't like me? I'm the new girl and people hate them. Then I have to find clubs to join, crowds to fit in and other things!

What's worse is that I won't get a boyfriend! I might have crushes here and there, but they won't like me back". I snapped back, falling on my bed, looking up at my blue ceiling. Great now I have to make my bed again! "Look, I know it's hard to fit in, but can I let you in on a secret?" she whispered, so no one could hear. I nodded, "Yes please! Tell me!"

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