A Psychologist Analyzed the Relationships of 12 Cartoon Couples and Now We Know If They Will Actually Live Happily Ever After
A Psychologist Analyzed the Relationships of 12 Cartoon Couples and Now We Know If They Will Actually Live Happily Ever After
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Almost every single cartoon or fairytale ends with the characters living happily ever after. However, if you watch some of your favorite cartoons from your childhood as an adult, the relationship between the characters doesn’t seem as happy anymore. If you look at them objectively, you will see that not all of these relationships will last forever and some might’ve stopped after a couple of years. #disneydrama

A Psychologist Analyzed the Relationships of 12 Cartoon Couples and Now We Know If They Will Actually Live Happily Ever After

You will laugh or be shocked! Lots of reading too!

Anna and Kristoff, Frozen Female character: She is the princess of a kingdom. She is full of life, funny, responsible, and always ready to help others. In the first part of the movie, she was naive, so she got herself into trouble with her family. Anna manages to overcome this trouble and learn from her mistakes.

And even though her sister Elsa is dead (Frozen 2), this didn’t break her spirit. She is ready to do anything to help others.

Male character: He is a simple but kind guy and he really loves nature. He looks a little bit uncouth but, in reality, he is strong, honest, and loyal. He spent most of his life not communicating or interacting with other people and he is used to doing things on his own. He can also be a bit grumpy, lazy, and even selfish at times, but there is a good heart behind all of his flaws.

Together: Kristoff will be very reliable for Anna. He can’t help her with her government issues, but his emotional support and faith will help her when she needs it. And Anna can direct and inspire Kristoff.

Prediction: They will always be together.

Tiana and Naveen, The Princess and the Frog Female character: She’s a girl that’s living with a dream. Nothing can destroy her passion. Tiana is ready to work tirelessly because she understands that she is doing all of this to improve her life and to achieve her goal.

Male character: He’s a prince and a lazy man. He doesn’t understand the value of life. And even though Tiana opens his eyes, I don’t think he really understands that not everything can be solved with power, money, or magic.

Together: They will most likely break up. Naveen will soon get tired of being next to a business woman. And Tiana is too goal-oriented and responsible to just go somewhere together for adventure. They are very different and when their feelings become weaker, they won’t be able to rely on each other.

Prediction: They will get divorced in a couple of years, by mutual consent.

Cinderella and Prince Charming, Cinderella Female character: She is hardworking and patient. She thinks that all of her troubles and difficulties will just go away on their own which is probably not the smartest thing. But this is a fairy tale, so thanks to magic and a few lucky breaks, everything works out quite well for Cinderella.

Male character: He’s spoiled and absent-minded. If it weren’t for the lost shoe, I have no idea how he would search for and identify Cinderella. But he still put in quite a lot of effort to find her. He is a typical prince: he wants everything right now.

Together: They are definitely a bad match. The prince is too impulsive, and he is more likely to ignore relationship problems rather than try to solve them. Cinderella is too shy to discuss everyday issues, so she will just keep on hoping things will get sorted out on their own.

Prediction: They will definitely have problems, but they will happen later in the relationship. Cinderella will shut herself down and nobody will help. And the prince will soon find a mistress or even divorce Cinderella.

Ariel and Eric, The Little Mermaid Female character: She’s honest, naive, not used to thinking about what her actions might lead to. She is also very impulsive: she liked the prince, so she has to get him, and she doesn’t care about what happens to her father, her subjects, and herself on land, which she doesn’t know anything about.

Male character: He loves adventures, he’s not very smart, and he doesn’t feel responsible for his kingdom. He heard this voice of a mysterious girl that saved him and he is ready to marry her right away.

Together: They are both dreamers and they can’t deal with their own problems. Eric will go on a trip and Ariel will follow him. But we can’t be sure that their relationship will last long.

Prediction: There are 2 options. Either they will live happily ever after forever, because neither of them is very clever, or they will break up soon because they don’t know much about each other. And Eric will most likely get tired of Ariel.

Rapunzel and Eugene, Tangled Ever After Female character: She’s a princess with magic powers that was kidnapped by an evil witch. Kind and cheerful, even though her entire life and her interaction with the outside world was really limited. And the only person she could communicate with was her foster mother.

Rapunzel really is a fairy tale character. A regular person in this situation would most likely have social anxiety or would have Stockholm syndrome.

Male character: He’s a thief, a liar, and a charming guy. Eugene has an actual reason to be this way — he has a dream. And Rapunzel’s innocence and how naive she is, push this charming thief to achieving his dream. But in the end, Eugene listens to his heart and does the right thing.

Together: They’ve already proven that they will sacrifice a lot for each other. And even the fact that their dreams came true and that they will live a simple, happy life doesn’t mean that their marriage will be destroyed by routine. They will find a new dream and goal together and will work to achieve it.

Prediction: They will always be together. -Talia✨

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