10 Ships~ E1
10 Ships~ E1 #msmojo stories

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WARNING! Contains cussing. It took me 3 hours to do all this...please read and comment, plus like if you want more.

10 Ships~ E1

Hello, my fellow readers! Today on Ms. Mojo (sorry I didn't know any other names-) We will be talking about the 10 ten (of my) favorites from (of my) tv shows and movies. Enjoy! WARNING SPOILERS!

10. Bughead ~ Jughead Jones+Betty Cooper "Riverdale"

Now, this ship is from the CW series from Riverdale, based on Archie comics. Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones are a loving and great couple from my eyes! We've known this couple for about 4-5 years. They've shown they love each other and would do anything to keep one safe.

9. Jack x Jodi "Tall girl"

You might not know these two from the Netflix movie "Tall girl" and I gotta say! THE ENDING WAS SO CUTE! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

8. Harry and Hermione

3. Harry and Hermione Okay okay! I love this ship. I feel as though Harry and Hermione would rule kingdoms and stuff for some unknown reason.

7. Romione I FREAKING SHIP THEM! AHH, I DONT EVEN KNOW ANYMORE! I'm pretty sure their endgame too, Ron is more protective of Hermione. Watch the movies and you'll see.

6. Peter (Quicksilver) Kurt (nightcrawler) "X-men"

TO BE HONEST I DONT EVEN KNOW! I think they'll be a great ship. Plus they are the only single X-Men's left. Plus they also seem to have their moments in the comics and in the movies. Why not have a male+male (wait is Kurt a Male?) *coughs* I mean..

5. Moxiety

Where do I even start with these two? AN EMO AND A PREPPY?!?!? AHH YES! I THINK THEY ARE AN AMAZING SHIP FOR SANDERS SIDES! *fangirling*

4. Ethan x Sarah

AHH! I LOVE THESE TWO SO GODDAMN MUCH! They seem like close friends but they have their moments! *screams*

3. Jarchie

I guarantee about 88% of you all ship these two. They don't at all seem like best pals. They are an amazing duo for almost every situation. Jughead ran-away with Archie and Archie fought and stood up for Jughead. *in awe*

2. Lucas Friar and Riley Matthews

I love this ship! Jesus, they are amazing! I love the train problem where they met! It was pretty smart and clever~ *coughs* Might use that one day >:3

Before we finish my top ten list here are only a few honorable mentions..

Choni (Riverdale) Falice. (Riverdale) Zoe x Chase (Zoey 101) Logan X Quinn (Zoey 101)

Henry Page x Grace Town "Chemical Hearts"


Hope you enjoyed my top ten list! Comment what topic you want me to do top ten facts on. For example: Commenter: Can you plzz do dark secrets about thomas the train?! Commenter: Top ten celebrates who went to jail!

See ya next time! PEACE~ -Lost boy

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