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omni_kitty Community member
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Why i haven't posted in a while.....


Hello guys. It's been a while since i've posted, hasn't it? I'm gonna give you a little update on how things are going with me.

The last post i've posted (before this one) is "passanger". That text is about my first love. It doesen't mention me loving her there, but i do.

And because of that, it has been kind of hard doing a follow-up. I know i don't need to do a follow-up.

But i think about her a lot, and if i'm gonna write from my heart (which i prefer to do), i kind of don't have a choice.

School has taken a toll on me too. It's not that school is hard, but i started in high school not long ago. Homework is absolutely killing my spare time.

You will likely not get a story in a long time. It will be most likely that i write poems, or posts in the same style as "passanger".

The reason being that i'm working on a story outside of commaful. If i'll get done with it before i turn 18 i will PROBABLY post it here if you want.

When it comes to "Demo" and "FBOD", i will likely not continue on them. Maybe if i get inspired, but right now, i'm not in the mood for horror, since there's so much romance in my life right now.

That's all i can think of right now. Feel free to ask me about stuff. Stay safe.

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