The season of isolation
The season of isolation company stories
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There is just something so sad about fall

The season of isolation

The sky was cloudy, and I was alone with my best friend. " Because of the pandemic I have been lonely lately, so this is nice," I say, without really thinking.

" I don't mind being alone, but I feel so empty when I think about how fun we would have," Daisy stares at the ground, clearly thinking about something. " My mom won't let us hang out.

You know that," she said it suprisingly calm. As if she wasn't mad at me for mentioning it, but herself.

" you're not the only one who feels lonely, you know? " her voice maintaince sad but calm. "Mary, I miss you so much!" her voice didn't sound calm this time.

"I'm not even supposed to be here! I Said I was going for a walk in the forest," I say nothing, I just look at her. " isn't the sky lovely?" I say to break the ice.

"it's grey," Daisy says, trying to be Stern, but erupts into giggles. I giggle back, and we look eachother in the eyes.

" you know, there is something a bit sad about fall," I try to explain something to Daisy, but I get interupted. It's Daisys Phone. " oh no, it's my mom.

She's probably suspecting by now! Sorry Mary, I have to go,"

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