Passanger heartbroken stories
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omni_kitty Community member
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This is the story about my first crush.



This is only me writing out my feelings. It's not supposed to be anything else.

and i'm a girl, just sayin'. (this is LGBTQ+)

Have you ever met a person you think of as awesome?

Someone who lifts up your spirit when talking, even if you're not interested in the subject?

Someone you can have fun with without having an idea what to do?

Someone you absolutely cherish?

It starts out as friendship, but then something happens.

I tried to sleep, but my body was warmed up. My stomach felt fussy and warm.

The only thing i could think about was her.

Then several weeks past, i felt normal about her, but confused.

Then it happened again.

Next day came. I was at school. Her beauty glowed, and i could finally see it.

And i knew what it meant.

Last week of school came, i doubted my chance with her.

She didn't show interest.

Last day came, she told a group she had a crush on someone.

I felt intense pain, but could shrug it of.

I came home, and explained to my brother what happened.

We discused it and i broke down in tears.

It felt like i was a passenger in a crashing car.

It's several months since, i still have feelings for her.

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