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This is the demo of a story i'm working on. For now this won't be a series. Regardless if you like it or not, the whole thing wil come out. If this is well liked, it would likely become a series as long as i'm interested in writing it.


While i struggle to sleep i look out my window. I see the exactly same town i have always seen.

Nothing about this place ever changes, and while that can feel comforting, it's really bad for the town. As i gace on the buildings i see someone.

But it's not just a citizen, It's a young girl i have never seen before. It dosen't look like she's older than 14. she looks around. Then she colapses. I run to my parents.

"mom, dad!" my parents wake up "uhh what is it Karina, it's in the middel of the night." my mom said. "there's a girl in the streets i've never seen before!" my dad sat on the bed.

"I'm gonna check it out" he said seriously. We went to the my bedroom and looked out the window. "you didn't mention she laid on the ground!" my dad said with a raised voice. "i was in a hurry.

" i said. We took on our clothes and went out the house. There she was, laying on the ground. We ran too her. Then she woke up and saw us.

Then we had a silent agreement that we should probably stop running. "wh-who are you?" she said scared. "my name is Karina" i said in a calm way. Then my dad spoke "I'm her father, Jim Lee.

Don't worry, we want to help you" he said in a soothing and sincere way. "what happened to you?" i asked. "I got ba-banished" she said in a angry and embarassed way.

"banished, but why?" my dad blurted. Before she had time to answer i invited her to sleep at my home. "i'd love that" she said. Then, later she slept soundly.

Morning came, and my mom was worried. "are we seriously gonna have a stranger in our house!?" she said in a stern way. "she's a kid!" dad answered angry.

Before they could continue arguing, she came out of the guest room. "hi..." she said. I friendly waved my hand. "good mornin'." i said. "you probably want breakfast." dad said.

"i am quite hungry" she answered happily. "i'll make you breakfast, then we're gonna talk about what's going to happen." he said in a professional manner.

While dad is making breakfast i want to talk to the girl. My mom had already her nose in the newspaper and dad was making food, so it was a great opportunity to talk to her.

"so, what's your name?" i asked in a relaxed way. She looked away and turned her stare towards me. "My name is Mira" she said silently. "but, why were you banished?" i asked in a worried way.

"they think i have murdered people" she said angrily. "sh-should i be worried." i asked. "no. they just think that because i have transformia" she said with even more anger.

"so you turn into a predatory animal at night?" i said with concern for her. " Don't worry. I tie myself up." she said in a sad way. Before she could continue my dad finished cooking.

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