The Empty Promise
The Empty Promise addiction stories

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When habits and fear get the best of you

The Empty Promise

Trapped behind these four glass walls

She talks, laughs, and even pretends to listen Her body stays motionless while her mind...

Her Mind is consumed by the glass just out of her fingertips

The empty promise the glass will break down the walls

As if it were instinct, predator versus prey

Her face lights up as if she's the only one with a secret, Her body feels at ease and begins to sway, Her laugh is a little louder and her voice captivates the room

The glass is empty

Still trapped behind the four walls, And somehow this feels comforting, It’s all she’s ever known

It’s better this way No chance for rejection,

It’s better this way No chance for feeling,

It’s better this way No chance for being truly seen,

"It's in the past," she whispers A vacant smile forms across her face,

She picks her head up, stumbling to her future.

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