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omkaya Learning, growing, and being
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An indoor cat in his element

The Cat

He sleeps, purrs, and

He sleeps, purrs, and pounces

He sleeps, purrs, and pounces as he pleases

Firmly pressing his cheeks across every chair, corner, and edge The scent feels like home and fills him with confidence

He catches a glimpse of a nearby dryer lint and begins the hunt Planning for just the right moment, the living room as his battlefront

Feet scuffle by and a gust of wind gently push the lint along Eyes widen with intensity as if he's waited for this moment for so long

But the moment has passed as his ears swivel to the window A slight tapping at the pane, an unidentified sound racking his tiny pink brain

Night falls and the mood is softened, but his instincts never forgotten

He sees her nestled in their favorite chair, Radiating warmth, comfort, and all her loving care

Casually walking over as if by accident the two suddenly meet

Snuggling to their favorite positions, like a puzzle piece

Protector, family, wild little thing He holds these titles without knowing, without trying, just by being.

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