"Oplan Tokhang"
"Oplan Tokhang" justiceforkian stories

omigle_ para sa sining (for art's sake)
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I wrote this poem maybe a year and a half ago, and I never thought it would so relevant to the events that are happening in my country. #JusticeForKian

"Oplan Tokhang"

On this vague and starless night

T'was a boy walking his might.

The moonlight had a glimmer.

Of dark blue twilight nearer

A wind of chilly presence

Brought him ominous presence.

Feeling a killer intent,

The boy slowly ran and jogged.

"I am to be safe" he begged.

Yet no matter what prayer,

His legs shivered, arms tethered,

T'was inevitable danger.

A vehicle came and turned

His face, embezzled and mourned.

Two men came down and took him,

No struggle had the boy done.

He could have turned, kicked and ran,

But his mind was bland and dull.

Into a dark pit he fell

Of suffering and trouble

On this vague and starless night,

T'was no boy to be in sight.

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