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What makes you smile?

Write down from your soul what things make you smile😊! In response, I will let you in on what keeps a smile on my face. During my darkest hours: Jokes with friends that make you laugh until you cry. Sunsets🌇 Sunrises 🌅 The smell after a summer rainstorm Khloe’s smile can light up a room; you can see it a mile away, her aura shines bright ALWAYS!! Besides my mother, I have never met such a compassionate person. Her compassion is a gift, and I am teaching her to guard it as much as possible. Kaiden’s need to make people feel better by providing belly aching laughing and of course his outspoke attitude (It's something I envy, how fearless my son is and how no will never be a good enough answer for him). Malachi’s smile is contagious even if you are on the breaking point he can smile and it will all be better, and of course watching him grow and figure out the world 🌍 around him! Family: Through it, all, my life wouldn't be the same without you in it! Friends: My circle is small, but one thing I know is laughter will always happen no matter what. We go through what we go through together, the loyal ones, Thank You! Thoughts of my mother. Her scent is always around me. Her smile is tattooed on my soul. Sometimes I question if we will ever meet again but knowing you are at peace brings me peace (sometimes). Waterfalls Horror Movies True Crime Journaling Sweet Tea I could go on, and on once I got started. I challenge you to take some time to list the things that make you smile and bring you a sense of peace.

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