Song of Mars

Song of Mars
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Song of Mars Two Moons shine upon those Mountains!

Song of Mars

Song of Mars Two Moons shine upon those Mountains! On those lofty black eternal Mountains! And the winds roar down around them

On the ageless sands of Mars!! Deep as Hell are all those CANYONS! Red as blood are all those CANYONS! But sing to God you desolate CANYONS!

Sing out loud for all the Stars! Loud and golden is the sunset! Purple passion is the sunset! Wild and stirring is the sunset! Pink and bleeding is the sky!

Can you see it fellow Earthlings? Do you know it fellow Humans? Have you courage fellow Creatures To scale those Mountains high?

To go upwards, ever upwards! To brave new Worlds and brave new Lands? Will you migrate to new Wonders? Will you kiss the Scarlet Sands? Someday I want to go there!

Will you do it? Will you go there? If I call you will you come there To the lands of bleeding sky? I'll go down into those CANYONS !

I'll climb up upon those Mountains! I will shout out loud my praises To that ancient God Most High! I will do it! I will do it! When I do it I will wonder!

I will wander! I will wonder! Is it real is it real!? On those black, eternal Mountains On those sands as red as blood! In those deep and BROODING CANYONS

We will know that God is Love!


Mars! God loosed your ancient winds!

His great hands have carved thee!

He lifted high your Mountains black!

He shaped your rusty, dusty seas!

Mars! God dug your canyons out!

And set your two moons hurling high

Like uncut diamonds in the night.

And His Blood stained your bleeding Sky!

Earth's Brother by a common Sun.

Ruby rolling round the light.

On you Man's journey has begun

To span the Never-Ending Night!

For someday Man will set his domes

Upon your scarlet seas of sand.

Shadowed by the Mountains black

A Brave new Race will love this land!

But Mars! Please be forever wild!

Untamed winds and shifting sand,

Black mountains high, and bleeding sky!

To forever haunt the hearts of Man!

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