The Omega God (Revelations 1:8)
   The Omega God
 (Revelations 1:8)
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(Revelations 1:8) My God! The God of Natural Law,

The Omega God (Revelations 1:8)

My God! The God of Natural Law, Of the Dino's breath And the first Biped

He who first spied Outer Space, Saw the first Dark hole, Felt the first great dread! My God! He danced With Darwin's soul

And carved the staff of D.N.A. My God trod first Where now we tread And to His worlds He learned to pray!

His total being! His final pain! Finite Being! He gave us all: He made the Sacrifice ALL Deep Ones make: He dared to care; To go insane!

With the Universe He danced, In such deep pain of Artist's Soul! Exhausted! Shed He Poet's tears From six day's agonizing toil!

For His Masterpiece He drained, Every drop of His dark, rich blood, Crucified by Creation's NEED for That Which Shall Evolve From Love!

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