Some More Rays
Some More Rays

 thats some more rays filk song stories

omegaseeker Community member
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Some More Rays

To The Tune of, “That’s Amore.” Reader’s Digest had one line of this filk which I put here at the end. But I suspected there were more verses possible. So I thought about it a while. I was correct! :)

When you swim in the Sea And an Eel bites your knee, That’s a Morey!

When you lay in the Sun And you bake till you're done. Then you do it again; That’s some more rays.

Attend a Tampa Bay game; And then do it again, That’s some more Rays.

They X Ray a knee To see what’s to see. That’s some more rays!

And the verse from Reader’s Digest: “He tells jokes. He’s a Ham, And his name’s Amsterdam. He’s a Murray!”

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