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This is an ode to McTilly McDee Who liked to watch LOTS of TV!


This is an ode to McTilly McDee Who liked to watch LOTS of TV! She watched it by day And she watched it by night, She watched all the bug movies.

They gave her a fright. She watched all the soap operas She watched all the drama. She once saw a Movie 'Bout a two headed Llama!

She watched all the Musicians Singing the Blues. She watched all the Newsmen Stating the News. She watched Sesame Street And sat glued to her chair

Till low and Behold... One day....She just wasn't there! The TV stood turned on Alone, in its stand; The programs blared on Some exciting some bland;

But the chair stood all empty With nothing to see.. Of the where-abouts of McTilly McDee! What became of her? Nobody knows

And the Wind on the chapped lip commercial Still blows: Neither Mission Impossible, nor Mod Squad can find her Kojak's stumped And Mason denies her; Even the fact that she ever existed

For if she had, why then Isn't she listed? In the TV Guide Like all other programs That work so hard to cheer up Their Viewers' bad doldrums?

And she galloped off with him By his side on his Horse With neither dust speck, nor grease spot Anywhere on their course.

Where did she go? Other Viewers still say That the White Knight on Channel Two Just spirited her away So if you watch late shows...

Keep awake You might see... And solve the mystery Of the disappearance Of McTilly McDee!

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