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For Gene Brewer, the Creator of K-PAX, Robert Porter and prot Life is hard.

Life is Hard

For Gene Brewer, the Creator of K-PAX, Robert Porter and prot Life is hard. With determined desperation With tears and bitterness With fear and agony and With strong doubts that we can even go on!

With Human tenacity! With Human skill! With the cleverness of Chimps With bigger brains. We are building a better Universe And evolving into What Love becomes When Love is beyond comprehension!

Science and Faith are fiery lovers Hugging and parting Grasping and rejecting Whirling and twirling Fighting as fiery Lovers fight Shouting and slapping and flinging things! The Neighbors shake their heads in exasperation!

In lulls between the fights They hug together In the velvet darkness of the Universe Embracing with their mutual love, Gazing with shared longings At the far and friendly stars! They embrace with passion In peace and desperation!

With one small remnant of hope That things can somehow be better! Out comes a brawny Love Child! Growing as a Seed to entwine the Universe! Doing what all life does: Getting bigger! Getting stronger!

Learning! Playing as all Children play With the pretty Universe! Wondering! Wandering! And becoming more and more! What a sight when His muscles grow! What an Einstein when His mind does!

In time as all good Children do He prepares a place of rest for His Parents. Brings them Peace at last For Life is hard But then we die…. And then we get to enjoy it!

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