Jurassic Double-Parked
Jurassic Double-Parked dinosaurs stories

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See this decorated at http://tinyurl.com/songsa... 1. Dinosaurs were Birds and “not even a Sparrow falls apart from the Father” (Matthew 10:29)

Jurassic Double-Parked

See this decorated at http://tinyurl.com/songsandpoemsofteilhardsgod

1. Dinosaurs were Birds and “not even a Sparrow falls apart from the Father” (Matthew 10:29)

So……! God was in a joyous mood When He created Birds! That fifth yom He went feather-wild! So herds and hoards and flocks of Birds! From Mountains high to Oceans blue.

This World was theirs, forever so! Eternal-Now was all they knew! And it was all that they COULD know! They roared and danced And sung and pranced,

Became enhanced; And grew and GREW And grew and GREW For sixty-million, dragon years They tended their young And ruled the skies!

The few who saw the bad rock fall Gazed calmly with unknowing eyes! One moment live, the next one, dead! (To think such rocks still out there: D*r*e*a*d!!!!)

In Just one breath most Birds were GONE!!! But Mammals lived and carried on! Then along came Humanity, With our Divine Insanity. 0ur Crazy-Dream that

Death could DIE!! But is that silly, really? Really, really silly? y? When Quadrupeds l Had learned to……. F

So we grew up in ALL WAYS into Christ.* Lost our meanness, became nice! And We built Ourselves a Treasure-Square!* All of life and love are there! Covered in millions of flashing jewels!

Nothing and never is anything cruel! Kindness and Joy, Logic and Love, Always, always, ALWAYS the rule! With every environment wild or tame

From Bedford Falls to Istanblane Anything that you could want! From Gems and gold to Elephants We grew up in All Ways Into The Word,*

Who vowed that not one, Single Bird Would fall apart, From His gentle Mind And His Gracious Heart!* (Now remember: Sixty-million years of them!) A T-Rex joins in! Ain't that fun?!

Admiring a verdant Forest? Here scurries a flock of Apatosaurus's! My mansion shouldn’t be for Birds!! For herds and Hoards and flocks of Birds!

I don’t mean to fuss or rage, But is this Heaven or a Big Bird Cage?! *Ephesians 4:15 *Revelation 21:16 Ephesians 4:15 *Matthew 10:29


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