Isaac Asimov's Concord Commercial
 Isaac Asimov's Concord Commercial 

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Isaac Asimov's Concord Commercial

Isaac Asimov did a TV commercial for Britain's faster than sound passenger plane, the Concorde. The commercial was shot from the outside of the plane. He appeared sitting in a passenger seat, waving through the window. People who knew

Isaac Asimov howled in laughter because he was horribly agoraphobic and would never have allowed anyone to get him airborne. In fact it’s a wonder he agreed even to sit in the plane as it could have been a trick arranged to “get him over his fears.” But he did! So I wrote

the following limerick. For him even to sit in it must have taken an enormous amount of courage because courage is not the absence of fear but doing what you are terrified of doing anyway. So for someone as phobic as Asimov this was a very courageous act!

Plugging the best plane around He was much too phobic They found. He was glad to be seen, Inside the machine, As long as it stayed on the ground!

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