How All Dogs Go to Heaven
How All Dogs Go to Heaven dogs stories

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See this decorated at

How All Dogs Go to Heaven

See this decorated at or No truer words were ever spoken By Hollywood,

Then, “All Dogs Go To Heaven.” Well they should! Of every Creature the Lord God Made Only Humans must accept Christ's Ransom In order to be saved.

So from Wild Dogs in Africa, To Huskies romping in the snow. From Saint Bernards in Switzerland To the Dingos down below. Poodles, Labs and Lassies

Every Dog will go. Rather they were homeless here Or rated best of show. But up a bridge is not how they go.

The Rainbow Bridge leads to Odin And though maybe good intentioned, Bad tempered, capricious Thor Is not the god concerning

Dogs that we should mention .No. Dogs cross no scary bridges! Do not be alarmed. They are carried up to Heaven In Jesus's loving arms.

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