Back to Birdy's Future by omegaseeker
Back to Birdy's Future 
by omegaseeker chickens stories

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By omegaseeker

Back to Birdy's Future by omegaseeker

Explanation for this is: McDonald's claims they will soon start free ranging their egg laying Chickens and vat-meating their Chicken McNuggets. And Scientists recently discovered that Chickens are evolving faster than they thought they could.

Though fax machines are here to stay They are so boring and passé No hoverboards! Oh heavy sigh! Self-tying shoes, but Goodness! Why?

It is a fact both sad, profound For now cars stay firmly on the ground And Lawyers gone? A big ha ha! There are more Lawyers now by far!

But McDonald’s caused a Chicken revolution And now the Chickens themselves Are speeding up Evolution. Craziest thing I've ever heard! Back to the Future Ended up being for the Birds!

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