the Blue.

ollyi want to be the moon
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poem / baby + blue + bird / part II: The Blue /

the Blue.

by Olly

...and now there's just this big, Blue

thing right there in front of my eyes

expanding into the void, filling the room, filling all the Space and Time pressing harder and harder against my chest and my eyes and my tongue, pressing the air from my lungs and

The panic into my brain

If it were to burst

would a thousand blades fly from the centre, pierce my brittle skin

Would you finally see me all bones and blood, and bloody baby face and all

The monstrosities entailed

and down I'd fall

back to earth, back to me, myself and I to find

the blue's torn me apart from the inside of my heart to the outside to the paper

to the inky palms on the end of what I thought was the beginning

I don't know if you can see it too,

with all it's Baby Blue

But it's there

and it wasn't before

and it won't go away...

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That was an incredible poem. I loved the arrangement of your verses. Your wording was so descriptive I felt like I was there. This calls to mind Chicken Little were he more literate like you. This is an oustanding poem.