Woman in the Clouds
Woman in the Clouds poetry stories

oliverxrome an lgbtq & pagan writer sharing my poems
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A divine stranger offers comfort during a lonely period of isolation.

Woman in the Clouds

I saw a Woman in the clouds

Tinted with pink and golden tones.

I had stood loosely in the water

Wishing I could feel less alone.

To ease my watering eyes

My head tilted towards the atmosphere.

I was taken back from momentary grief

When I first saw Her appear.

Her hair flowed gently around Her face,

She moved with leisurely velocity.

She must have felt completely perplexed

By my sudden stare of curiosity.

Her company mimicked my grief,

Being that it was simply momentary.

Once Her presence was smeared from my sight,

My thoughts felt fragmentary.

Was there a purpose for Her presence,

What was I to make of Her appearance?

I couldn't help but feel bewildered

As I pondered the interference.

I came to realize a potential answer

On why She made herself known.

For after feeling desperately isolated,

I no longer felt quite as alone.

So I watched the remaining sunset hues

Delicately pass me by,

My condition and position were unchanged,

But I no longer felt compelled to cry.

I may be sheltered and distanced

From the warm embrace of a friend,

But for now I carry the memory of Her,

Who I hope to see again.

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