He tells me
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A poetic love

He tells me

When I look down at my skin

All I can see is the ugliest shade of yellow mixed with brown paint that was too old to use properly

But he tells me

that I'm a lovely shade of jade green with a sprinkle of sunflower yellow

When I talk

All I can hear is an out of tune high E string on a cheap guitar

But he tells me

I am the A sharp note right above the middle C

When I inhale

All I can smell is rotten eggs

But he tells me

I smell of lavender, vanilla, and old books

When I look in the mirror

All I can see is dead and wilting flowers with broken stems

But he tells me

I am a bouquet of pink and yellow flowers with blue ones sprinkled in

He tells me I am worthy of respect

He tells me I am deserving of friendship

He tells me that he loves me

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