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First attempt at writing short stories in English as a Chinese!


Two plastic toys turned up in my desk drawer.

New class, new school year. Senior year in high school. A year to college entrance exam. More school work. No room left to breathe.

They weren't the type of toys with quality and moving limbs. They weren't of good quality. Tiny bits from the last owner of this seat, I presumed.

One of them was a predator, another one a prey. One hunted the other millions of years ago. Their chase went on now.

"What are you looking at?"


She sat one seat in front of me, one seat to the left. One year later, she would be in the States, 12 hours to the west, while I reminisced at a balcony by the sea under a blue moon.

I wished I could see the moon shine upon her face again, as she closed her eyes and raised her chin slightly to the moon.

The results of the exam came back, one we had every week. He poked her back from directly behind her. She turned. She was blue. He talked. She smiled.

"What about we watch the lunar eclipse tonight?"

Some nights later, she would come to me in a smaller classroom, alone. She would tell me her dilemma. She would have to choose between him and a girl.

They leaned against a balcony, one next to the other. I dared not approach. I dared not disturb. She pointed at the moon. She was happy. He was composed. As handsome as ever.

I would tell her: "Be who you are."

One year later, I would come to this university by the sea, to leave all my failed romances behind me.

And then I realized the only way to move on from a failed romance

Is another failed romance.

The only consolation I could ever have

Is that no other boy could also.

Two dinosaurs, a predator and a prey. One chased another on a vast field. Then a sandstorm, a landslide, a tsunami, or an asteroid struck. They were buried, in their last chasing pose.

Their bones were fossilized, their flesh condensed by million years of geological movement. They turned into petroleum. The toy manufacturers dug them up, and made them into toys.

Their chase still went on. They were trapped in the moment, the chase that will never end, a goal that will never be reached, and no one will.

We were all trapped in a moment.

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