The Moon's Guidance in 2020

The Moon's Guidance in 2020 moon stories

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I walk alone and I found myself chasing the sun.

The Moon's Guidance in 2020

I walk alone and I found myself chasing the sun.

Pink gossamer in the sky, recollections of lost dreams. Recurring presentations but never the same; promising a return.

That if for anything

we may meet again in this dour land

surviving the absence of direct light.

Now reflecting.

Just for that moment I hold on a little longer to taste the sweetness of cotton candy skies that leave my mouth coated in comfort .

Earth takes its final breath retracting Jacob’s ladder giving me reason to live another day.

And so she walks

as she always has been walking

putting each foot in front of the other

on a tightrope of mystery.

And for that moment,

warmth of the crimson mist entrust her to take the training wheels off embarking on a nights long journey as dusk lays her head down softly.

Eyelashes flutter closer together closing in on her internal world due to the density of darkness overwhelming her spirit.

As the cadenza of rouge memories fade into the distant horizon Selene makes her appearance inveigling her to become accepting of this odyssey.

Face to face with the moon. My longest friend.

Decaying door knobs leave clues to future wraths.

I wonder what I'd think of you now. I wonder what you'd think of me.

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