re: wish you were here
re: wish you were here drinking stories

olifinch182 thinker of tender thoughts
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more pieces of a story i'll never write. I live and breathe literature and the learning that entices and entails.

re: wish you were here

by olifinch182

i am here

and i am gazing eternally at your skin stitched with wishful thinking and i am believing you. i've been to two liquor stores but none of this is as strong or enticing as you.

i am here

driving home from a night out without you but i can see you in the heat lightning crashing silent as the tide. i am here and there isn't a single sad song on the fm.

i am here

in a fast food parking lot with someone who isn't you but who is helping me get back to you- drowning the last of my cheap cigarettes in a bottle no longer looking like his face.

even the sky agrees

in envious colours, flashes, and cloud cover- hiding her hungover face. i am here and i am believing in the poetry i wrote for you again.

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