The laughter wasn't burdened with his suffering... FATEFUL ITALIAN PASSION, Chapter 17
The laughter wasn't burdened with his suffering...

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Milano knows the way how to seduce Veronica...


The laughter wasn't burdened with his suffering... FATEFUL ITALIAN PASSION, Chapter 17

Going upstairs to his room, Milano began to pack his suitcases, as they were already pressed for time.

To take a break from the two-hour ordeal at the police station, Veronica sat on the soft bed and put her hands on her knees.

She oversaw Milano’s packing, sometimes marvelling at how he did everything diligently. Veronica had never witnessed a rich man packing his suitcases and doing it simply, without pomposity.

Catching Veronica staring at him for a long time, Milano smirked seductively.

Veronica had to hold back. I can’t behave like him and continuously think about satisfying my desires. It exceeds all the boundaries of my restraint.

"My body doesn’t obey even when my mind tries to resist the passion." She criticized herself, for being lost in thought about her beloved demon.

Milano shut his suitcase and came up to her.

“As I can see, the maid has taken away the broken pieces already.” Veronica was surprised, looking at the clean floor, remembering what had happened in their room a few hours ago. Milano only bowed at her question. “Tell the maître d’hôtel that I will pay. I will call my aunt and—”

“There is no need for that,” Milano softly interrupted her. “I’ve already paid for the vase.”

“I feel ill at ease…” Veronica confessed to him, guilty about her emotional incontinence.

“You should be troubled by me and not by the hotel.” Milano hoped that his Amazon would understand his hints. His body needed some discharge.

“By you?” Veronica asked, insecurely. She raised her lashes slowly and met Milano’s gaze, full of desire, which he always cast at her and which she always tried to cope with.

Like usual she failed. "Please don’t, Milano... Not now!" Veronica requested him mentally.

“Yes sweetheart, by me,” Milano whispered, falling on his knees before her and putting his palms on her hips.

Why couldn’t Milano stifle his desire when Veronica was near him? Was it her body or her soul that attracted him so much?

“What do you want?” Veronica inquired, tilting her head to one side and trying to guess what Milano meant.

It was pleasant for her that he reached out to her so much, even if only due to his desire.

“I desire for you to be in my bed. What else, my great Amazon?” He grinned. “We have to hurry up. We don’t want to miss the dinner.” Milano bent his brows, remembering the agreement with his brother. He didn’t like to disappoint Lucenzo.

“Great. However, if I’m not mistaken, by the hotel regulations, we must leave our room by noon.” Veronica recalled the specifics of the stay in hotels abroad. She forgot that she must pack all her things.

“You don’t have to think about it, cara. Pietro will do everything for you; he will pack your clothes and will settle things about the departure from the hotel.”

“I see you’re not particularly pleased.” Milano noticed her mood; his grin disappeared.

“I am glad.” Forcing a wide grin on her face, she told him quietly, “I just can’t believe that we have finally got out of the police station. I was being questioned as if I was guilty of something!”

“That’s all due to that freak. If only I see him again, I’ll whip the hide off him and hang it on the fence of my cottage! I swear.” Milano clenched his teeth maliciously.

He certainly knew if that were to happen he would not hesitate to keep his promise.

“You are so bloodthirsty!” Veronica chuckled, embracing her man’s neck. Her caresses had to soothe him for sure.

“Of course, I will always stand up for my lady,” Milano uttered, referring to his chivalrous attitude towards his goddess.

“And as to the bloodthirstiness, that is one of my drawbacks. It is how I have been from my youth, and it still manifests in me from time to time.”

Feeling Veronica’s fingers on his nape with all tenderness, Milano was distracted from their conversation instantly. He hugged Veronica’s waist, moving closer to her.

His hands lost control and went up to her thin ankles, raising her dress slowly up to those boundaries which showed her bare knees.

Veronica didn’t hold back either and craved more as Milano did. She surrendered to her man unreservedly.

Milano began to raise her dress up to her shapely thighs until he saw that Veronica was sitting on thin fabric. She didn’t allow him to undress her. She showed her new strength and effort to try to resist him.

Since the mattress was soft, Milano’s hands slipped under Veronica’s hips, giving access to those areas of her skin which were out of his mind to touch since yesterday, when she fell asleep.

His fingers connected with her burning skin.

“I have to have sex with you,” using the familiar tone of a seducer, Milano croaked.

“I don’t get you; first you say we need to hurry, and then you say we don’t need to. You desire to have sex, and then you don’t. On the whole, am I allowed to do it or not?” Veronica inquired. She needed to be careful because she was in a delicate state.

“Everything is okay with the baby. I asked the doctors,” Milano assured her with his beautiful smile. “They said that we could have sex up to five or six months of pregnancy. After that, it could be dangerous for you.”

“Why didn’t you tell me anything yesterday?” Veronica snipped in a resentful tone. “I got exhausted, worrying about the baby. Or do you like to torture me?”

“Yesterday, you were weak, and you had to relax. I needed sex, and you didn’t.” Milano thought how he was going to claim his goddess on his bed.

“I don’t need it?” Veronica’s eyes flashed. “Now I’ll show you how much I don’t need it!” She pushed him, and Milano fell back on the floor, conquered by his strong Amazon.

He roared with laughter at Veronica’s stubborn behaviour. She was so unique character wise. She was completely different from the women he used to chuck aside every day constantly.

They were all shallow, but Veronica was filled with light.

Veronica was delighted to see how Milano had forgotten himself and was not thinking about the past.

Oh, God! She had never heard the real chuckle of her man before! The bright giggling was carefree and full of enthusiasm. The laughter wasn’t burdened with his suffering.

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