She opened the gate and was stupefied to see a tall, handsome Italian at the threshold of her house. He immediately fixed his dark gaze on her.
She opened the gate and was stupefied to see a tall, handsome Italian at the threshold of her house. He immediately fixed his dark gaze on her. italy stories
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Why Milano came for Veronica, to return her or just seduce her?

Want to know?
Check this little excerpt from the book.

She opened the gate and was stupefied to see a tall, handsome Italian at the threshold of her house. He immediately fixed his dark gaze on her.


Three hours later, someone—having lost any sense of delicacy—was ringing the doorbell persistently.

Getting out of her bed in a fury, Carmela planned to make hamburger out of the person who had trespass upon her peace.

She opened the door and walked out of the house, constantly grumbling and wondering where the gardener was, whose duty was to receive guests. The man was nowhere to be found.

She put on her slippers and went to the gate, wrapping her dressing gown around herself tightly.

She opened the gate and was stupefied to see a tall, handsome Italian at the threshold of her house. He immediately fixed his dark gaze on her.

Carmela instantly shrank back from his masculinity and the rage in his eyes. Collecting herself, she started talking in Italian.

“What do you want? And why are you disturbing my peace? Should I call the police?” she questioned him, but he didn’t have any intentions of leaving.

“I’m sorry, signora, but I’ve been searching for my fiancée for several hours now.

Is she here?” the man requested an answer, casting his glance towards Carmela’s garden as he tried to find the girl.

“I can’t help you. I’m not obliged to tell you anything. You could be a psychopath.”

“A psychopath wouldn’t have called you at the front door, signora,” the stranger uttered bluntly.

“Signora Carmela Vetrova. That’s my name,” she corrected him.

“I’m sorry, Signora Vetrova,” the man replied, scratching the back of his head due to his excitement. His eyes were still studying her backyard.

“You are too courteous for a maniac.” Carmela smiled, looking at him curiously.

“I’m not a maniac!” the man repeated. “My fiancée’s name is Veronica Ledyanova. At least tell me that she is here, even if she doesn't wish to see me,” he finished joylessly.

“I’m not your fiancée,” Veronica’s thin voice sounded from behind Carmela’s back, and she moved away from the gate.

It turned out that Veronica had woken up long back and had overheard their short conversation.

“Nike!” he desperately shot out when he saw her. He dreamed to bridge the distance between them.

“Milano,” Veronica hissed through clenched teeth. “Why are you here? Go away.”

“We need to talk. I behaved like a scumbag. Give me another chance. Please,” he asked her with beseeching eyes.

“We have nothing to talk about, Milano. Aunt Carmela, close the gate, please. This man is dangerous. I am afraid for the safety of my child and myself.”

Milano couldn’t believe what Veronica was saying. Did she really hate him so much?

“Nike, that’s not funny. I’ve come for you, and I won’t go anywhere without you.”

“Young man,” Signora Carmela interfered in their dispute. “If Veronica doesn’t agree to go, you can’t force her.”

“And what if I stay here?” Milano growled, and Carmela felt a slight chill of fear run down her back.

She firmly responded to his threat. “Then I will call the police.”

“Whatever. But I won’t move.” Milano smiled maliciously, knowing that she wasn’t strong enough to remove him from the way. He would leave, but only with Veronica.

“You remind me of my beloved Antonio so much. He was as persistent as you are,” Carmela was amazed, viewing Milano.

“Well, you can marvel at my persistence.”

Veronica shouted loudly, “Then I will call the police.”

“Go on, cara. Let's see how pleased you will be when I’m taken to prison in handcuffs,” Milano challenged.

She could hardly restrain her complicated temper. “How did you find me, damn it?”

“I’ve been searching for you for three whole hours around Rome, but it seemed like you had vanished into thin air.

I returned home, went through your stuff and found this address in the suitcase. It was a good thing that it was written in English, and not Russian. I’m glad I found you. Let’s go home, Nike.

” He reached out his hand to her, expecting she would take it.

“I’m not going anywhere!” Veronica dug her heels in.

“Well then, neither am I!” Milano also kicked over the traces, clutching the gate with his left hand. His eyes showed that he was not going to budge from his spot.

“Will you two stop arguing? After all, someone has to give up.” Carmela advised them, wrapping her silk dressing-gown even tighter, protecting herself from the cool breeze blowing outside.

“It’s getting cold. If you will continue the dispute, get inside.”

“I have nothing to add. He can get lost!” Veronica squealed, making the elderly woman spring back from her in fear.

Milano laughed, knowing that Signora Vetrova was still not ready for Veronica’s temper tantrums. She didn’t know her like Milano already did.

“No. I’m staying,” Milano answered calmly, but firmly.

“Oh, Holy Mary Magdalene! I will either send the two of you out into the street, or you can get inside and have your argument. I’m already freezing!” Carmella gave them an opportunity to choose.

But Veronica immediately went into the house, offended by her words. Milano grinned at the reaction of his Amazon. He had almost won their fight.

“I’m a complete idiot,” he snorted. “I really like Veronica, but most of the time I treat her wrong,” Milano conceded, looking at Signora Vetrova guiltily.

Carmela remarked. “Then try apologizing to her. If you succeed, she will forgive you; if not, don’t give up. Come back again.”

“Thanks. I’ll apologize right away,” Milano replied, stepping into her house.

He entered the room where Veronica was and saw her studying some pictures on the wall.

She was uncomfortable and unpleasant in that environment, not due to the fact that the house was unfamiliar, but because she seemed to escape from Milano. He had found her even there. Herod!

Veronica pondered. Dammit! I should have burnt that sheet with the address!

Coming up to Veronica from behind, Milano touched her head with his lips. He noticed her inner tension and was worried himself, not even knowing why.

How gorgeous she is! What kind of fool would let her go? He chuckled at his thoughts, knowing full well who that fool was.

“Get out! I’m sick of you,” Veronica spoke, more to herself than to him. She tried her best to restrain her tears.

“Do you really want that?” Milano’s eyebrows suddenly gathered at the bridge of his nose.

“Yes!” Veronica uttered, incessantly sniffling. “I hate you!”

“You will come with me now, and you will live with the father of your child, even hating him.” Milano sighed, kissing her hair lightly.

Veronica turned around, to see Milano with eyes full of inexpressible pain. “Why are you tormenting me?”

“I’m not tormenting you, cara mia. I need you.”

Such simple words from Milano instantly destroyed the wall she had built between them.

She scolded herself for the quick defeat when Milano raised her chin and looked into her eyes as if he was mesmerized.

Damn. Am I really starting to feel something? He was surprised by his thought.

Milano grabbed Veronica by her waist, pulling her to himself with so much passion. Veronica held back her moans. Two contradictory desires raged within her – beat or caress this Demon.

Milano bent down to her face, capturing her lips with his own. Those few hours spent away from her were definitely torture for him. He understood that when he tasted her kiss again.

“Hell, Nike!” Milano moaned into Veronica’s moist lips. “I missed you so much…”

“I didn’t at all,” Veronica declared with a smirk.

“Bad liar!” Milano razzed, winning her full pomegranate lips, quietly begging for her forgiveness. Veronica fell silent, yielding to the sensations of butterflies flying in her stomach.

“I want you…” Milano added sincerely, and it echoed in her breast, making her more sensual.

“I don’t want you,” Veronica told him, wishing her demon would suffer a little more.

“Honey. Don’t make me ask twice,” Milano answered in a childish tone, running one hand along Veronica’s shoulder and then to her neck.

“If I order, I will make you pose the question thrice,” Veronica said to his face courageously.

“You’re such a tease,” he sniffed, stroking her fair curl which had fallen onto his palm.

“I’m not going to yield to you, beau,” Veronica resisted, sticking out her chest.

“Mmm,” Milano hummed, “is this a game with new nicknames?”

“You would know better,” she flirted, narrowing her eyes.

“Oh my winged goddess, let’s go home. Otherwise, I’ll possess you right here.”

Veronica raised her voice, “Shameless bastard! You decided that we needed time and you didn’t need intimacy any longer!”

“I was a dumb-headed fool. I’ve admitted it, cara. Will you forgive me?” he queried sincerely.

“I don’t think so.”

Milano was going frantic considering her obstinacy, but knowing that there was only one way to make Veronica give up, he stepped into the territory which was familiar to him.

In anticipation of victory, he kissed Veronica on her lips passionately, stamping her body with the special seal of his reign. But she pushed him away, barely maintaining her foothold.

“I’m not your property, Veneziani!” Her eyes were burning with anger, which was all too familiar to him.

“Fuck!” Milano swore. “I didn’t say that!”

“Then why are you here?”

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