Opening Paragraph for a project
Opening Paragraph for a project weary stories

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Introduces a character, and his position

Opening Paragraph for a project

As he washed his hands, Devin Colter looked at himself in the mirror. Bags under his eyes, hair barely corralled acceptably, no amount of break room coffee would be enough. “Four more hours."

He dried his hands on his hair, hoping to make it slightly more ruly, adjusted his nametag, and exited the restroom.

As he made his way to the sales floor, he passed some other employees. They were of varied age, race, gender, but they shared one trait: they were all tired.

While the common sentiment was that working at this particular establishment sucked the life out of you, Devin concluded that it was the time employees had off which made them tired, not the time on the clock.

No one wanted this job to be their life, so everyone made a second one.

Pot, partying, video games, everyone had at least one thing they would stay up all night doing, since sleeping would only bring the next day faster.

Customers were more varied. Many were in the same situation, only they were off the clock, living their second life while spending money earned in the first.

Others seemed genuinely happy. Be it college, a sense of purpose, or whatever else, they had found a way to merge their lives.

Devin was happy for them, but still prefered they keep their distance. His own life caused an uncomfortable contrast when viewed side by side.

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