Marigold's Eyes and Michael's Feet (Part 1)
 Marigold's Eyes and Michael's Feet (Part 1) heart-warming stories

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Hi my name is Marigold and I have polycoria. Hi I'm Michael and an amputee.

Marigold's Eyes and Michael's Feet (Part 1)


Hi my name is Marigold and I have polycoria. It's a condition where I have 2 irises and it may seem cool but it truly sucks.

My vision is now slowly going away and it seems like there isn't going to be a cure for it. Well I'm gonna go now.

Day 1 Hey Michael here its my first day learning how to walk again after 2 years and so far its a struggle but I'm getting there. I hope i'll be able to do track again.

I'm now learning how to use a walker to walk around the room and I'm still in pain. I might have to get surgery soon.

DAY 2 I'm now going to get an eye removal surgery hope everything goes smoothly(no pun intended).

Day 2 My legs hurt a lot and I'm now finding out that they're getting amputated.

DAY 3 I'm out of surgery and I'm feeling weird and a bit off. My eyes hurt and feel empty. the doctor told me that I'm blind and that I'm gonna have magnets inserted into my wrists and ankles.

Day 3 I'm getting surgery today hopefully everything goes well.

DAY 4 I just saw Micheal on a gurney and I heard my doctor say that I have to help him after his surgery.

Day 4 My surgery is done! And Im told that Marigold is gonna help me recover. Lucky me.

To be continued...

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