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okaylynzi found peace in your violence
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based on a real story.

today // 02

by okaylynz

today i saw young girl on the bus.

i recognised her uniform.

she was from the best school in town.

but there was something quite different about her.

she had five piercings on each ear.

the way she slammed her bag on the floor as she sat down.

the way her eyes narrowed at someone who sat next to her.

she scared me.

she was definitely booksmart, but something wasn't right.

perhaps it was the stereotype and stigma linked directly to the studs on her ear lobes.

perhaps it was the menacing way she looked at me.

i had concluded in my head, that she wasn't someone of good character.

she got off the bus.

and an elderly woman dropped her walking stick.

she stumbled to get off the bus with shaking legs.

she slipped and fell over.

right on to the girl.

i internally gasped, hoping that the girl wouldn't get mad or something.

and she didn't.

she smiled.

oh my, she smiled.

there's hope left actually.

not all that scowl are mad.

we shouldn't judge someone just by their looks.

i made a mistake today.

but there's still hope left.

for me, for society.

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