Stars and Scars
Stars and Scars depressed stories
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She counted scars and he counted Stars.
She wished to live a happy life and he wished to take his life.

Stars and Scars

Every night you would come in, you would never order anything. you would just sit and stare out the window. I became curious as to why, and you noticed. I tried making conversations but you would just turn around. The day you finally ordered something, I wish you didn't, you saw my scars. I couldn't tell what you were thinking. But I remember what you said, 'You count your scars?, I count the stars'.

After that encounter I was nervous to be around you, I knew you would come to the cafe. You ordered something again, a small coffee. I also learnt your name that night. 'Rhyder' It's a nice name, but every time I hear it I think of you. Although I didn't know you that long, I feel like I know you more than anyone.

Everyday I went to work, hoping to get enough tips to help my mum at home. I told you this, not asking for sympathy, just to vent. But you went above and beyond, giving me a $100 tip. I refused it at first, but you insisted, saying something about your rich prick of a father. I couldn't contain my happiness when it happened that I hugged you for the first time. I know now that seems abit strange but it felt so right in the moment.

I knew you would be back the next night, and although I didn't have a shift I came aswell. You looked sad, or mad. Your eyes were red and your head was down. I didn't like seeing you like this, it broke my heart. I comforted you while you cried, you said it was because of your dad, I hate that man. We didn't go inside that night, we stayed outside and counted the stars, just like you wanted.

I expected you to come the next night, but you didn't I was confused, because we had become so close, you knew all me secrets and I knew yours. I stayed for 2 hours after my shift hoping you would show up and walk through the doors. But you didn't. Instead your brother showed up, hair a mess and red eyes, he had a note addressed to me, your suicide note.

'Im sorry that your reading this Avery, it means I am no longer alive. But its what I wanted, I know it is selfish but I needed to. Remember when I saw your scars, and I told you I counted stars, its because I want to be one. I hope you stopping hurting yourself Avery, I hope your life turns around - Rhyder'

Today is your funeral, it doesn't feel real, I want to turn back time. Seeing you in your casket made me breakdown, your mum I assume comforted me. She told me that you mentioned me, multiple times. I think that is pretty cute. I miss you Rhyder, more than you would have ever thought.

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