Letter to an almost lover;
Letter to an almost lover; love stories

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Letter to someone who almost loved me for years.

Letter to an almost lover;

This page perfectly set in place as if it were meant to be.

I don't know if I believe in fate, but I do believe in good fortune. I've come across quite a bit of it in my time, and I do believe that this was an occurrence of it.

I do not have many magic words for you, but please know that that is not for lack of trying.

I have many things to say. I always will. I suppose it's who I am, and I think that it's who you are too.

That is not to say that we always speak in truths, but who is to say a riddle is a lie?

Just because the story does not give all of the details does not make it untrue.

We will forever be actors on the stage we have created for ourselves, but that is just who we are.

I think that it is our greatest strength and our greatest weakness.

Adaptability, but at the risk of feeling like it's still not enough.

Never enough.

It doesn't feel adequately real.

Oh well, so it goes. I am content enough for the time being, but just under enough, just enough so that we will forever be searching.

It makes things interesting, at the least.

I'll go back to wandering, and so will you. But let me know if you're ever wandering in my direction.

We'll have a couple adventures of our own.

Forever (almost) yours, K.R.

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