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to the one whom i loved once | lowercase intended


by ohboyjoey

hey, it is it bad that i miss those memories of when we met as strangers, awkwardly introduced ourselves and became friends?

the memories of when we wrote stupid stuff knowing that , at least we would have each other to leave a silly remark?

is it silly that i miss the way we secretly dedicated sweet lyrics to each other and waited for our reactions?

is it weird that i miss how we waited anxiously a long time to talk to each other; and yet when we did, we acted as if we weren't smiling thinking of us?

is it strange that i miss our late night conversations, till 3 a.m, of how pandas were fucking awesome than anyone else, and other random things?

is it dumb that i miss the first time you said you loved me and i got all flushed and giddy , smiled to myself and said it back?

is it childish that i miss the way we pretended, of the places we would travel together, of the people we would meet, of our shyly held hands and of the forehead kisses we would exchange?

is it stupid that i miss them all?

you are happy with her and i am happy without you, i think.

no it is not you that is the reason i am depressed and yet trying to keep smiling.

that is entirely something else.

i think it is normal that i miss those memories; because i have moved on and so have you.

those memories are only a few beautiful ones of my first love, meant to be cherished all of my life.

i know i have a long way to go; and these memories that you gave me, remind of the good times i've had, the times when i smiled for real . . .

. . . and that is all it takes for that tiny little smile, a genuine one, to peek from the corner of my lips.

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