"I Know, I Can't"
"I Know, I Can't" poem stories
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oh_no I'm not a poet, I'm a hobbyist.
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Panicked and jumbled, words just seem to fall out like lyrics. If I were a musician, I would put these lyric-like lines to good use.

"I Know, I Can't"

This is not my body and this is not my place This is not my voice and this is not my face

I know, I know I don't belong here I think of it too much There's nothing to hold There's nothing to touch

I can't, I can't Live here anymore I'll never fit in Not with society and not in my skin

I know, I know No one told me that No one pushed me away They rely on me to live That's why I can't stay

I can't, I can't It's hard to breathe and it's hard to talk I just- I just I just need to take a walk

But wait, but wait I love you anyway I hope you know that In my panicked tone of voice In my panicked form of appreciation It'll just never work I'm discontented That's my problem, that's my problem

I'm done, I swear.

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